I'm thinking about building a guitar and need to know where I can buy a decent body and neck for a good price. I looking for a mahogany body and a maple neck, thanks.
Thanks what about painting and stuff can I just spary paint it or if I don't paint it at all will that effect the tone?
I think I might just buy a MIM Strat and make it like a vintage guitar any suggestions on hardware and pickups?
dude im in the same boat im about to build a guitar.
this is my philosophy
i emailed Gibson acouple days ago asking for a 335 factory reject model. this saves a ton of money and al you sacrifice is having a knot or crack or something.
im personally really picky about my necks so i was gonna get one from custom made from warmoth.com i was gonna get the scallops and a binding and inlays and everything
but if you want a cosmetic body just get one from warmoth and then get a body binding, finish and whatever.
just be prepared to spend a bit

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