...but I don't know any good exercises that would make my ring finger stronger.

Anyone know how I could get to playing with 3 fingers?
I learned by playing The Trooper by Iron Maiden

It plays the 7th fret on the A string 3 times fast, so I used all three fingers.
play iron maiden, im serious

anything that invloves galloping is nice

but if your looking to play with 3 fingers to get to really high speeds like billy sheehan

im as clueless as you are, i am looking for the same thing, lol

but yea, Maiden can help

Anyone know how I could get to playing with 3 fingers?

I dunno, the beach is a pretty good place to pick up chicks. That or concerts. Concert chicks are wild.

Oh...wait...you mean playing bass fingerstyle? I'd say practice it like any other technique you try to learn. Use it, suck at it and gradually get better until you don't suck at it. Rinse and repeat until you're dead.
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If you listen to country music, which i highly doubt, learn the bassline from Fast as You by dwight yokam(sp?). It has one quick note on the D, and later the G string, that is easy to hit with your 3rd finger. Wont do that much for you, but it'll get you started.
I don't think doing gallops is true three finger technique, because generally you have to pause for a minute period of time before you start over again. I would just do scales in a 1232123212 etc.