Move out of your mom's house.
Don't get a Hotrod Deluxe.
Turn the volume down on the Hotrod Deluxe. (alternatively, turn the volume down on your guitar).

Just a few options.
get a smaller amp
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Pretty much. Those suckers are loud, but I've only used them in a friends studio.

There are many better amps for home use. Like a blues jr. or pro jr. if you want fender.
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You could buy a power attenuator, then you can drive the amp a loud as you like to get the best tone but keep it quiet enough for the situation.
wow, u made a thread instead of waiting 5 mins for someone to answer ur question in the other thread.

or even before looking up what an attenuator was.

that's nice.

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I use mine in m room, just to let you know.. The volume knob and all.
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whats that supose to mean ^^
i guess ill have to stop playing at midnight and later though. usally its unpluged when its that late. it shouldnt be horrible cause i have an fm 65 dsp that i play pretty loud.
do you want me to explain playing guitar outside or in your garage? you just move your stuff there and do it
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no person above you. i can always play on my deck as long as it doesnt cave in with the extra weight. 160 for me 45 amp 8 guitar pedals and a chair. in 4 weeks or less i bet my grill is falling through