So I basically have 2 questions, and if anyone can answer one or both of them, that would be great. I just recently bought a Carvin V3 head, and it has MIDI capability. It has 2 MIDI things on the back of the amp, one for MIDI thru and I'm not sure what the other one is. I also have a Digitech GNX4 which also has MIDI capability.

1st question) I know this may sound dumb to some of you, but is there any way to use the Carvin V3 as a power amp and the Digitech GNX4 as a preamp using the MIDI capabilities of both pieces of gear?

2nd question) I've playing with the thought of getting various efx pedals and purchasing a rack and some sort of switching system to sift through the various pedals and avoid pedal dancing for all the sounds I want. Is there any way to run the GNX4 into the Carvin V3 without it coloring the tone of the amp, AND only using the efx of the Digitech GNX4?

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
also I believe you want to put the digitech in the series loop. This should be a way to bypass the amp pre-amp.
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