where a can I find a company that will make a singlecut away guitar with a huge body and a 27.5 scale length? Im looking for a guitar website, or a guitar custom maker who will make me something like that
IDK. It sounds like you want a baritone guitar...and if that's the case a lotta guitar companys make those.
Yeah, baritone guitars are scaled to 27.5ish
Might want to check on of them out. They aren't normally in stock at a store though. So it may require ordering on a trial basis.

And you can always call up a local luthier to make a custom guitar for you if you have the dough. They will normally be around 1000 and up. Factory baritone guitars are much cheaper.

Maybe go check out musicians friend.
Gibson makes/made a baritone Les Paul. You might want to check it out.

You could also go to Warmoth, and order a L5S body and a baritone neck. They can finish it for you, and sell you all the parts. The only thing you need to do is put it together.
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