I'm sorta new here and I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum.
I was wondering how much a change in setup to a Silvertone "Strat" would be.
I want to turn the bridge slanted single coil into a humbucker.
Also I want to put a killswitch into the body as well as a possible change in neck but the neck change is optional.
So I was wondering the cost of the parts and the actual set up would be.
A pickguard to accomodate the hum will be around 10-15 dollars.
the humbucker will be anywhere from 50-100 generally.
A killswitch mod shoudlnt' be very expensive depending on where you go to do it. I'd say 10-20 bucks?
And a neck alone will cost upwards from 150. And for a tech to install it and set it up will be around 30-60 I would guess.

All of these can be done by yourself if your willing to spend some time though. Then you won't have to pay for labour costs and you'll learn the anatomy of your guitar.
I would do that but the guitar is really special to me thats why I'm moding instead of buying a new one, so I don't want to risk messing it up.
But that seems perfectly fine for my price range.
Well, keep in mind that all these prices can vary greatly from tech to tech.

Honestly I would get a quote from the tech you want to go to first. Then you'll have an exact number. But from my other post I would keep in mind that it may be more expensive. possibly even up to a hundred dollars more expensive then the prices I listed.

But if the guitar has significant value to you then by all means go ahead if you have the dough. Be sure to inspect the guitar before you leave the store though. If you find anything that isn't to your prefrence then its easier to get the tech to do the adjustment right there on the spot. Then going home and finding you don't like a couple things, going back and having to deal with a pissed-off tech not wanting to do the work or doing an overall poor job. I've had it happen before. Techs are so emotional, a lot of very horrible.
Luckly enough I'm friends with the tech.
At max this is much less than what I was going for.
I was gonna buy an SG G-400 but then my gf told me she wanted to do a full paint job on the guitar (She's an insane artist and I'm a ridiculous hendrix fan so art+guitar=great stage presence) so that is why I need to get it moded that and it'll cost a lot less.