i kind of want to make my own little tune. I'm Indian (india) and want to know if any1 knew any scales that go for that kind of sound. I've been messing around and i have alot of notes that sound good together but i want to know if their any scales? trying to make it sound metal but with a little Eastern sound for some of the parts. thanks
there's one scale that I use to sound vaguely eastern in the key of A. It's: A Bb C# D E F
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arabian scales but it sounds like surf stuff believe me but you can force a nice middle eastern sound like in pay the man by the offpsring or something if that works or oriental scales maybe
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hmmm not going middle eastern, have you guys of the Indian string instrument sitar? that giant thing, like those kinds of sounds. sorry i know iam not explaining it really well. I'am sure you guys heard Hangar 18 right, how Friedman does the 3 and 4 solo. They have a very eastern feel to them compared to Dave aggressive sound like holy war solo.
also thanks for that song Pay the man, trying to play it right now and figure out some sounds.
i'm writing a song with that india feel, it's just based on a diminished chord using a scale with a flat 3rd, 5th and 7th (yes, 10 notes in a scale)

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Haha, sorry, I can't help ya with your question, but I just had to post in this thread because you're indian.

LOL Just buy a Sitar... But if you are low on cash and would rather be creative... try bending two notes together in an octave... I get a little carried away with that stuff...

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There are certain scales for that music, which are based on religious elements rather than tonality. They also sometimes use quarter tones. I don't know them.
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dont sitars have a lot of strings that are tuned to the same thing (or octaves??) to get that droney sort of sound? maybe that would help.

sorry, cant help you too much on scales, but if you have a bit of wonga the Roland GR-20 synth pedal has a pretty cool sitar synth setting.
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Theres the raga scale. My mum made me learn a song in that . Warning it's hard. I'm an indian too. I see you are sikh (looks at username) same here! The raga has a more hinduish feel to it though...
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Go get guitar pro and look at the scale lists. They have a bunch and it plays for you so you can see if its the kind of sound you want. I dont know if i its against the rules to talk about lets say downloading a cracked copy of Guitar Pro 5 from a torrent :hint hint: If you dont know what a torrent is PM me
I have a cd of Ravi Shankar, and in the liner notes it describes various raga scales. Raga is different from a scale in that it uses (sometimes) completely different notes depending whether you are going up or down. I would look those up, but also I sometimes play a raga sounding thing where i drone on the d string or a string, and then on the string above it (g or d depending on the droning note) play around with the following frets: 2,3,5,7,8,11,12,14,15. It sounds really cool and that might help you out.
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thanks for the site man! iam check em out and some other scales for Persian, and Roman. I'm going to try to get these notes and make a little metal tune if it works out, prolly with a Heavy riff and then with a eastern sounding part and solol's! thanks again for the help people!
well, i dont exactly have proof that this is true, but ive heard that traditional indian music doesnt even use semitones at all. but try the harmonic minor, that seems to work.
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usually the natural minor sounds fine to me.
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The weapon you mean? It was okay, buy slightly over trebley. I've been thinking about buying a sitar, does anyone know how they are tuned?


Buy a sitar.
But seriously, there are arabian scales.
Also harmonic(middle easterny-arabian sounding) and melodic minor.
isn't indian music based on a completely different set of pitches where their aren't semi tones and tones, its split into like 3 divisions per note?