ok so basically ive been playing guitar for about a year on and off and now i really want to get it together and start learning this stuff. i had a teacher for some of the time but i had to stop the lessons because of a new job i got. anyway, i dont really know what or how to practice, all my teachers really did was write out tabs of songs for me to play. some of the songs ive played are:
everlong - foo fighters
welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance
cant stop - red hot chili peppers
under the bridge - red hot chili peppers
killing in the name - rage against the machine
take your mama - scissor sisters
dani california - red hot chili peppers
and just about every song on the american idiot album.
i listen to a lot of linkin park, sum 41 (woo underclass hero!), red hot chili peppers, green day, etc. lots of alternitive stuff. so yeah, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i should be practicing at this level?
thanks a lot.
If you don't already know them learn the pentatonic scales. Very important for the kinds of music you said.
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well, you should be starting to learn and practice a few scales (major and minor pentatonic etc) and learn different picking methods (alternate, tremelo, finger style) and maybe try writing your own songs. But otherwise, do whatever you want.
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i also learned how to play the intro to freebird last night. but anyway, i think i know some of the pentatonic scales, the major ones anyway. those are the ones with the 7 modes right? like dorian and stuff like that?
yeah i was also wondering if there were any songs that would be about my level or maybe just above that could make me better if i practiced em and got good at em
ok ive gotten the intro to stairway its kinda slow but anything else i should know/songs to practice?
hey zer0

i advise u learn music theory.

its the best way to start and soon everything will become clear

From there on, work on hand eye coordination and playing tablature. While ur playing tabs, try to connect back to your knowledge on why music works the way it does.

look at my thread, its a good dway to start for begginers
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