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Rising Sun!
7 64%
Yellow Bengal!
4 36%
Voters: 11.
I was originally going to order my next guitar through a custom shop, but seeing as prices have soared in the past year or two, I will have to do this myself.

I have recently fallen in love with each of George Lynch's signature paint jobs, and I have decided to build a guitar kinda based on his with my own modifications and upgrades.

I'm fairly decided on materials and hardware so far...Pickups are the only real question...

Body: Alder Charvel San Dimas style H / AS Rear Routed
Neck: Mighty Mite Maple/Maple Strat Style with locking nut
Bridge Pup (Humbucker): Duncan JB, Duncan Distortion, Duncan Custom Custom, Duncan Screamin Demon, DiMarzio Super Distortion, DiMarzio Tone Zone.
Neck Pup (Angled Single): DiMarzio Protrack, Duncan Hot Rails.
Bridge: Recessed Original Floyd Rose
Tuners: Schaller, Gotoh, Sperzel.
Electronics: DiMarzio for all.

The cost of the guitar total comes out to about $600 USD + Paint, unless I do it myself, which depending on funds in around September / October, may cost around 200-300 dollars. This is where the question comes in...I can't decide between these two paint jobs...I love them both, and fairly equally...


Rising Sun:

Yellow Bengal:
Quote by LP Addict
bengal. the rising sun reminds me of a skateboarder that i really dont like.
damn you muska.

When I was but a boy I thought he was dead...

Also, I will be putting updates of this build in this thread as I put it together. I will be ordering the neck and body (200 together) and an OFR on the week of the 5th or 12th. I'm getting a third job to support my guitar purchases when I get back from vacation and this should carry me through the project.

My guitar fund is currently at 350 with the sale of my Jackson, With another 100 to be made soon from the sale of 3 rare unpotted Duncans.

I think I am going to go with the Bengal, I just seem to like it more, and it feels more 80s to me...

Rising Sun to my Epiphone Explorer in the future; Maybe...

Hmmm....Decisions are hard.
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