I'd be willing to bet there's an old thread about this, but if it's not front page it's too old!!!

Anyways I have story that's pretty good.


Our school was having a homecoming band. Seeing as I didn't plan on going to homecoming I offered my band to play. We usually play blues and lighter stuff as a band , but sometimes we change it up.

So the school had a judge panel (there were about 6 or 7 bands total that applied to play). We won to play at homecoming to play laid back music. There was also a DJ for some different **** like techno and hip-hop.

There were rules for this gig. We HAD to play blues or "jazz-like" type music or we'd get kicked off. Being as I hate the rules of our school this just didn't go to well with me. As a band we agreed to get kicked off when we played.

So here we are at homecoming. The teachers who acted as chaperones were a little upset because our vocalist was different. (I'll explain later) We actually opened with Stevie Ray Vaughan's Riviera Paradise. The other guitarist didn't mind that I opened. So the crowd was happy with that. So I go back to my amp change of few settings and switched guitars (one that was in CGCFAD) and we prepared for our next song.

The drummer kicked off and here we went into the song... now here's where the new vocalist kicked in. Hes the only one who can do the death metal (or whatever it is) type voice. So here we were playing 94 Hours by As I Lay Dying. The crowd LOVED it... there was some mad intense headbanging, however, the teachers not so much... Surprisingly they let us finish and kicked us out. I'd have to say that was the most metal thing I've ever done... haha.
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i once turned my amp up to eleven

Shh.... its a secret
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Haha nice story ClaytonOT. You rock.
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Its not the craziest but I lit a cigarette during a song and the people FREAKED OUT, shut off the power and kicked us out.

lol that was a good night
that's metal
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haha, i've never had a real performance yet. the only ones are in my living room to my mom and it wasn't that crazy. wel one time me and my friends tried to make a home video kind of a variety show where we do skits ,impersonations, act out scenes from funnyshows or movies,make musicvideos where we lip sing, and then i had an idea iwas like yo film me playing guitar, so before i played i opened my belt thingy, and the i just like jumped and my pants fell down, it was pretty funny, it was on purpose btw. ya thats cool.
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i once turned my amp up to eleven

Shh.... its a secret

You did that live? Holy piss... you put the awesome in H(a)A(w)R(e)D(s)C(o)R(m)E(e)

.... that took too much time.
Did a talent show a few years back, and started "masturbating" with the guitar. (Sticking the end of the body by your dick and going up and down the fretboard, playing notes as you go along). Several concerned parents covered their kids eyes. The look on their faces, priceless.
The money I got paid for coming in second, $15. (I lost to this Eminem-like kid who was doing this techno **** on a turntable.)
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I was drunk off my ass and put my balls on this kid in another band's head. We got ran off by a crowd of Metalcore kids.
it wasnt in a show but i smashed a guitar of a tree and snapped the neck

irst acts suckand a couple of years later i found the head stock in a pile of bricks
i guitar masterbated at my first show, and the vocalist in my band got behind me, then later on, when we got home and watched the videos of us playing it looked like my singer was humping me while i was masterbating.
lol guitar masturbation FTW!!!
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i once turned my amp up to eleven

Shh.... its a secret

but why not just have 10 the highest one and leave it at 9?
..it goes up to eleven.
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As I Lay Dying sucks lol.

I dont like metal in general... so... it was one of the few metal guitar parts that I could emotionally get involved with.
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I dont like metal in general... so... it was one of the few metal guitar parts that I could emotionally get involved with.

I was just givin' ya shit.

As long as it's not Trivium, we be koo'.
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please tell me it was right in front of the drummer.
I saw a band called MNEMIC the other week at a local smallish live music venue (about 50 people there) and I shouted at the lead singer to turn it up !

He wasn't happy

A few days later they supported metallica to a crowd of 40,000
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You did that live? Holy piss... you put the awesome in H(a)A(w)R(e)D(s)C(o)R(m)E(e)

.... that took too much time.

But it put the "****ing sweet" in BADASS
One time, me and the other guitarist of my band played a solo back to back. It was smells like teen spirit, and it was so awesome.
Welback in the day in my very first band, our drummer stopped, 5 seconds into the song, and all because he coudlnt hold a simple 4/4 time beat.

Needless to say, i was quite upset. So upset in fact, that i took to swearing at him rather violently and throwing his spare sticks at his head, on stage, in front of our whole school.

I hated him for months.


Apart from that, well my friends and i have a period off one day so we went to the music room, and the teacher(also a good friend of ours) asked us to do a song for them. So we went back outside and dtalked about what we wanted to play, of course me being the most deatly out of everyone i suggested doing some Arch Enemy or some heavy stuff. Yet my friends dislike death metal or any metal in fact(apart from KoRn and SOAD lol) so the said we should do something everyone can enjoy.

So we ended up playing When i Come Around by Green Day, which i detest with a passion, and i bet everyone in that room could see it, as every time i play i headbang like mad and have such energy, yet that day i couldnt be bothered doing anything.

Bottom line though, before we did the song i asked if i could just do a quick warm up, so they allowed it(foolishly) so i belted out the intro riffs to I Am Legend, and Silent Wars by Arch Enemy( i actually do this anyway because it gets my picking and fingering going pretty well) and then i break out the freakin awesome egyptian style lead from Chimaira's Nothing Remains, and i swear a few people were just like omg thats so awesome. They actually asked afterwards why we didnt play any of the songs like my warmup.

And that boys and girls, is why i am forming my own band and vowing to never play another Green Day cover as long as i have an ounce of performance left in me
^whoot a fellow kiwi

anywho, a while back when i had a crappy strat copy, i thought it would be fun to do a "hendrix" so to speak. I had in my pocket a tin of lighter fluid and during our other guitarist's solo, i bent down and lit the fretboard on fire. From the first fret to the 22nd, all of it was ablaze nicely. Doesn't finish there though- I kept "playing" (althought by now my strings had burnt their way out of tune) and finished the song with minor 3rd degree burns to my arms.

All i can say is "Hallowed be thy name" is one powerful song

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Last year I filled in as a vocalist for a local band, because their singer was ill. The place we were playing was a former strip club that was in the process of being converted into a music venue, and I noticed they still had the pole there. So, during a cover of Paranoid, I took it upon myself to pole dance during the guitar solo. Fully clothed, of course.

If you know me, though, you wouldn't be that suprised...
Guitar flips all the way!

I also jumped off the stage into the cirle pit and started thrashing about with my ibanez guitar and smacked some poor kid in the face!

ahh the good old AOR days
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but why not just have 10 the highest one and leave it at 9?

you sir just made the worst comment ive ever heard from a UG'er.

good day to you.