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In the midst of the sea, of the waves, of the breeze,
Floating inside, in the light, of the Keys,
The sky is of blue, and it’s true, that I’d do
Anything now, just to stay, in this room;

This is my dream, my escape, from the thing
That eats at my mind, at my time, and I sing
All of the day, just to keep, me away
From the sharp subtle pain, of a job so mundane,

In the midst of a cube, a cubicle room,
I sit at my desk, with Average Joe gloom;
I’d like to be now, in the Keys, or the South –
Maybe Cancun, in the middle of June,

But here I am now, with my life going south;
Not what I wanted, but not enough to get out;
I’d like to escape, leave this place for the shade
Of a palm tree or two in the beaches of Lei,

But that doesn’t happen, to a guy like me,
Stuck in the city, with a nine-to-five fling;
This existence of being is not what I’d love,
But its lack of initiative fits like a glove.


She turned towards herself
(How is that possible? asked the Cheshire Cat to the man in the tree)
She claims she has rainbows in her eyes
Can she see the multitude of colours fly?

And she lays them on the table
But she’s yet to figure it out
She can hear the captain calling
A storm is approaching
So she buries the cheese in her garden
And plants an umbrella tree

What a felling it must be
To have the time of your life
When the hectic springs of your mind
Keep creating those jolts of faith

She shook hands with a mestizo man
Mistaking him for the son of God
She never did realise her mistake
But the ribbons still go down to the sea
Where mermaids are waiting
With chrysanthemum eyes
While the regatta carries on

There’s a jewel in the sand
And it’s calling out to be found
O Aphrodite, misforgivings

She turned towards herself
And smiled quite serenely
Salmon skies making way to a cold smoke grey
The captain, for once, was right
And flashes abound
Striking the sea
And shaking the lost cities of our minds

Problem Song

i aint got no honey
i dont think its funny
that im so broke

i lost my job last week
they said i was too much a geek
i know that it sucks but hey
what can you do

I dont care about money
what good can it really do
I dont need it but hey
ill find another job

my girl called me up the other night
she said that we just wernt right
i wanted to fight but she said hey
what can you do

Ill forget about her
or atleast try
Ive already forgotten
how much I cried,
but hey
ill find another girl

forget about money
forget about honeys
forget about all of you pain
just listin to the problem song...