so who else loves these guys? my fave song: bouncing off the walls
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i love em!! bouncin off the walls is my second fav. my first is youre the one
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i like stuck in america
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they're pretty good
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I think therye decent. theyre definatley good for a listen now and then
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I think therye decent. theyre definatley good for a listen now and then


I wouldn't call myself a fan, but they're definitely fun to listen to every once in a while.
ive never actually listened to them but memory had stood as one of my favorite songs for a very long time.
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Sugarcult's awesome! My favorite song by them is probably Riot or Out of Phase. Yeah I like their Lights Out album the most of out of their 3 albums.

this guy wins, out of phase is a GREAT song and explode is awesome too

i like their newer stuff more than the old
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I was vaguely aware of their existence, and then today, I heard Los Angeles and I was like "Whoa, these guys are goooood"

Love them now

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Ive loved these guys for ages... adding them to the elimination game made me want to find a thread on them.

Their latest album is sort of a change in style, i didn't like it so much at first but it grew on me a lot.

Ive been waiting for AGES for them to do a tour in UK again.
I love their first two albums. I have their new CD on my computer, but I haven't listened to it yet.
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i like sugarcult.
memory is one of my fav songs of all time

other SC favs:

stuck in america
los angeles
I just listened to pretty girl and had major nostalgia...

I'm actually gonna have to go to the Protest the Hero/Sugarcult/The Devil Wears Prada tour when it comes around my neck of the woods.