I'm a huge fan of metal, ranging from pantera, metallica to chimaira and one many army. What kind of equipment (guitar, amp, pedals) would I need to get a decent metal sound, and how much would it set me back?

thanks in advance.
Give us a price range to work with .
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Yeah, its best to give a price range or people will sit here typing out $15,000 worth of gear
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Yeah, its best to give a price range or people will sit here typing out $15,000 worth of gear

that was my plan!

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Amp is the main thing youll have to worry about if you want a metal tone, this applies to every genre really.
Specific guitars will nopt affect youre tone as many guitarsn will do metal, but humbuckers are more suited to metal than say single coils.
And then use pedals to refine your sound.
Also budget would be helpful
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On that budget i would get a
Amp-peavey valveking 112(if you are looking for tube)
Guitar-ibanez RG321MH
Pedals-metal muff and maybe a eq
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