hey, just wanted to know how many users in ug have had, or suffer this problem, because I have this but there's no possible way that I could go to the doctor this month, so just wanted to know how you guys dealt with it, thank you.

also post what song you are listening to at the moment even though its off topic but I don't care.

mine is metallica-fight fire with fire
I noticed something popping in my jaw lately, but it's not constant. Most of the time, I notice it while I'm chewing something.

Alkaline Trio - While You're Waiting
I've had it for a few months now. It aminly happens when i open wide and move my bottom jaw to my right, it like jams then pops out. It's only really bad if I'm chewing something hard.

Linkin park-Points of Authority
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I noticed something popping in my jaw lately, but it's not constant. Most of the time, I notice it while I'm chewing something.


I'm listening to Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) by The Mars Volta. =]
I've had it for over a year now and there was a point where I would get bad headaches from it.

By the way, the most they could do is give you a mouth plate. I got one to wear at night but it isn't making a huge difference. You won't be able to have surgery, and shouldn't, as surgery on TMJ hasn't been known to work well.
my jaw pops when i open my mouth widely and it has for as long as i can recall
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this happens to me too
whenever i chew something that like, needs alot of chewing lol (eg. Meat)
are you supposed to go to the doctors? =/

Under A Serpant Sun - At The Gates
I don't think its something to be worried about, i had a snapping/popping sound in my jaw whenever i opened it for the longest time. Then 1 day it just went away..i still notice it happens once in a blue moon but i dont think its anything serious.

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had the same thing a while ago when i woke up but it just goes away

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i had it too. it happens when you have an underbite, and your jaw has to stretch forward when you chew. it can eventually lead to jaw problems later on.

Kashmere- zeppelin
yeah ive had this for a long time as well

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When I chew things on the left side of my jaw it can pop/click.

I want to make something clear as well, IF YOUR JAW LOCKS SEE A DOCTOR/DENTIST ASAP.

My friend's jaw locks and is undergoing treatment, she may need one of those big things on her head (those things mainly used for comedy purposes)

As deadwad said, its caused by underbite, but also can be due to your jaw not being correctly aligned. It is, as you can tell, quite common; but if you do have any concerns speak to your dentist on next check-up.
I had this problem for ages, and my jaw always used to ache and clunk around, and occasionally lock up in the night,
i went to an osteopath about 3 times and he did like some cranial work or something around the jaw and now i have no problem at all so it was well worth the money
I have this hellll of loud popping noise when I open my mouth and move it to the side a little. My ortho says it should go away and says all it is is a side effect of my teeth/jaw moving so much. For me it only pops on the right side of my jaw. It's pretty annoying to everyone around me...
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^Holy hell, westo, mine does that too. I was just sitting here doing that.
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