I found one of these for under $300, it's been used but they only thing wrong with it is one small chip and a few random scratches. Money is not a problem in this, but is it worth it? I already have a Mexican Strat, and I might just keep both of them. Advice?
RG350's are good guitars, the trem is the worst feature, they tend to wear down and not hold their tuning.
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I'm bored of telling people it's got a crap trem, so instead I'm going to complain about everyone wanting the tacky whit version
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ive heard that the bridge of that guitar is awful been referred to as "tin foil" before... but other than that it looks like a sexy guitar
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I was considering on buying one of these but I'm going to save for a Jackson DKMG instead. Good guitar but the trem feels cheap.
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ibanez=bad trem, bad pickups......a fast neck isnt enough to save it...last time im saying it
i was going to post sooner, but deville's avatar caught my attention, lol

it's an ok guitar for the money considering it's chipped and scratched, the bridge isn't bad if it's a new model (like late '06 to '07) because supposedly they fixed the tremolo problem, and i believe them because it's pretty much the standard ibanez tremolo now outside of the prestige series, plus mine's held up for a year now and i've only tuned it when i restring it...the pickups are alright, they're nothing extraordinary
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ibanez=bad trem, bad pickups......a fast neck isnt enough to save it...last time im saying it

average trem, reasonable pickups, especially for stock if they're the new infinity ones anyway
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