Hello. I've been looking into acoustics for a while, to decide on a new one. I probably won't buy one soon, but It never hurts to start researching or know what your probably going to get. One that I've been looking into, but haven't found much information on are the Parker acoustic guitars. Now with the addition of the P7EQS, P9E, and P10E are making the decision harder than when it was only the P8E and P6E. I've mainly been looking into th P acoustics as opposed to the PA series, due to the electronics on the P, and the better upper-fret access due to the cutaway. I love a parker electric that I'm proud to own, but I haven't been able to try their acoustics. I was hoping to get some information from people who have played them on how they are in general. A few areas that concern me are the Tone, Playability, and how the different models compare to eachother. I am also open to other reccomendations that people like in a similar price range (under $2000). Thank you.
Well, I'm not getting a nice acoustic until either one or two large purchases in the future (an amp and possibly one special thing I want), but I heard not great things about the tone of parkers, and have switched the main two companies I'm looking at to Larrivee and Tacoma. How do you all like those guitars? Thanks!
You might also want to check into the Alvarez Artist and Professional lines. They've got some sweeties for sure. One of my fav lookers is the AD90SCK, and I've played one, limitedly because it was right handed and I'm left, but it plays and sounds great.