So i want to get a better distortion from my Vox DA5, and i want also a better distortion for practicing (i practice with a 40w crate, with uggly distortion) so i want to get a pedal. I notice about 2 clases of pedal: Overdrive and Distortion pedals. I'm confused, because i think that they're the same thing, what's the difference beteween bot of them? please help. i have on budget like 100 bucks and i was thinking to the de DS-1, because is a legendary pedal, right?

Help please, and sorry my really bad english, hahaha
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Technically, distortion and overdrive pedals are the same general circuitry, just that overdrive has less total output. An overdrive pedal can be used to get pushed tube amp sounds or to add to an amp's distortion. A distortion pedal should only be used with an amp's clean channel and will generate all the distortion on its own. BTW, there are also fuzz pedals, which are closer to a distortion pedal in tonal characteristics.
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Overdrive and distortion are similar. TRUE overdrive is the sound of a tube amp breaking up. The only way to get an actual overdrive sound is cranking a tube amp. But there are pedals that simulate this. Its basically a light to mild gain sound, used by many blues players and others. Distortion is like a more extreme version of overdrive, used to the extremes in speed metal and other forms of metal.

There are probably better ways of explaining that than i did, but hopefully somebody will be able to further clarify it.

I wouldn't suggest the DS-1, you can get better pedals for your budget of $100. Usually with pedals, you get what you pay for. If you want an overdrive for your budget, you may want to try an ibanez ts9 tubescreamer. I don't know a lot in the terms of brands of pedals, many people use these. If you are able to stretch your budget to around $120, you could go for an MI AUDIO Crunch Box. I am getting one of these very soon, all reviews and soundclips are nothing but positive.

Thats an overview, and if you click "hear it", you can hear some great soundclips that show its versatility.

Theres a video showing different pedals. The first part is his clean channel. The second is a Small Fry, an overdrive pedal. The third part is the MI AUDIO crunch box, and the third is a Box of Rock pedal (not sure of the brand) and it sounds like a lighter distortion or heavy overdrive.

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It is possible that the pedals may not give you any better distortion than what is built into your amps. Your weak link is your amplifiers.