Any TW15 owners out there who might have recorded something for us to listen to? You don't have to be Tony Emmanuel -- just something simple to get an idea what it sounds like at lower and higher frets.

I'm looking to buy this guitar at roughly half-price (it's supposed to be a bargain at its RRP), but I'd love to hear it before I go and try it out for myself.
Cant help with any audio clips, sorry, but i have played a TW15 and quite liked it. The neck was a little thick for my tastes but it was definitely a nice sounding guitar and i remember being particularly impressed with the sustain in its treble. If you can get one for half price id say go for it.
Oh, and its Tommy Emmanuel...lol.
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Yeah, I've also heard good things about it, which is why I'm interested.

Oh, and the Tommy/Tony thing - brain fart. I was just talking to a Tony before posting. :p
Well I own the TW-115ST-CE which seems to be a very similar guitar, from the brief look I took at the TW-15. I love mine, it's a great guitar for a bargain price, so I wouldn't hesitate to get the TW-15 at a lower price.

Actually, I was in the park yesterday with a mate of mine playing our acoustic guitars and singing when I noticed this old guy watching us. I invited him over and chatted and he played guitar (hense his interest in us) and I handed him my guitar. He just kept saying "wow, this sounds great, what a wonderful sound" and such, so I asked him what guitars he has/plays and he says "Oh, I use this late 60's Gibson ES-335". I was like ":O, I bet that's a litttttle nice" haha.

But yeah, everyone has enjoyed the sound of my guitar, myself included.
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