My birthday is comin up in a week or 2 and i was thinking aobut getting some new pickups. I'm looking for like a Mastodon type tone, The Agony Scene, All That Remains, Lamb of God, stuff like that. And Adam's tone for TOOL (I love that guys tone with a fiery passion). I do not want active pickups, ive tried the EMG 81/85 set and wasn't impressed as much as I thought I would be. I'm not getting a new amp because I just bought a Mesa Mark IV and a Vader cab but im still waiting for them to arrive here. I was looking at SD Invaders or a JB in the bridge. Then a SD 59' in the neck position. Anyone know if these will suit me well for what I'm looking for? Or any other options that are better? Thanks!
Standard, Custom or Special?
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Why not play the amp first and see how it sounds?

Why upgrade pickups for a "heavier sound" if you don't even have the amp?

Just wait awhile, but upgrading the wiring and getting a good nut will always help your sound.
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its a standard epi les paul. And I brought my guitar into the store and tried it on the same amp but it was used, I liked it a lot but i know it would sound better with some other pickups cause i tried out some other guitars and they sounded a bit better, but i forget what pickups they had in them
wait till your amp arrives and see how you want your pickups to influence its tone and gain.
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Yeah, get the amp first before deciding on pickups.
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