ok ive been playin now for almost nine months, i no a few easy solos, runnin with the devil, panama, gimme three steps, sweet home alabama, sharp dressed man(the first one). etc...... neways, most of these solos took about 3 days max for me to learn the good enough(im big on improv).
lately ive been learnin cowboys from hell and its the first solo, ive had problems with. do you think its a little out of my level to be learnin rite now...... i absolutley love the song but i cant really even get close to playin the fast parts. should i just hold off on it for now, or do you guys think it would be a good learning experience
You might want to practise to Petrucci's DVD before trying that solo.
if you wanna tackle it heres how, play it slow just worry about hitting the notes and nothing else, after you get it in you rhead what your doing start speeding it up slowly, it's the only way to learn something like that and remember it.
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