I'm in a band and we want to be a metal band like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer.

But we want to do ballads & thrashers.

We can come up with riffs easily but I can only write lyrics without music and I can't fit music to the lyrics. I can't fit lyrics to music either.

So any advice?
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I thought this was a joke when I read it. Actually, I still think its a joke (no offense).
thanks for the advice eladamri but snowing shut up only post if your gonna help and thanks for my thing man! rock on dudes peace out.
i personally write the music first so i can focus on writing a good catchy song. then once i have the basic arrangement figured out with the basic melodies (usually no leads aside from simple harmony/melody) i'll sit down with the lyrics that i think fit the song. i'll usually record a rough demo with a drum loop and guitars/bass and sit down and listen to it and just start singing the lyrics. after a couple times through i'll edit the lyrics a little bit for metric content and decide on a vocal melody/harmony. i'll cut and paste lyrics that i want in there and them bam, i have a good rough skeleton of what the song will be when i go to record.
When it comes to lyrics I usually record the rhythm guitar (with my handy tape recorder) and play it back a couple of times. As I'm listening I'll get a feel for the song and start to write whatever lyrical concepts, lines or even images come up, it doesn't matter if it rhymes or not, it's just a run through of the thoughts the song evokes. Once done, I put my notes aside and pick up my guitar to write a good melody over top the song. Try to be dynamic, don't follow the songs rhythm (listen to SevenDust's vocal melodies, they are amazingly independent from the music behind them, yet still fit into the song). Experiment. Then go back and fit the ideas into the melody (you'll most likely change the wording)... it takes some time, but I find that the results are often better than the first raw bits that come to mind.
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