just wondering if for that price if the fender hot rod deluxe has the best fender clean sound of whats in the price range. because i also like the idea of the added higher gain sounds.

also two completley unrelated questions.

has anyone played the new EH nano effects. how are they.

and what exactly does a ring modulator do to your sound and whats the best one for under 200 us

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well whats your budget for the amp? are you only looking at fender?

the nano effects are alright, TB and all, but most are stripped down versions of the "real" effects

wikipedia > enter ring modulator - should come up


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i own the HRD, and i must say, it has fantastic cleans. i don't have much to compare it too, but remember you can get it used for like $400-450.
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problem with the HRD's higher gain sounds is that they're, er, shite...

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