I am currently putting a humbucker in my Falcon and would like to ask for suggestions on cutting the body to accomodate the double coil. I DO NOT have a router and am looking for someway to cut the body. Thanks in advance
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there is no other way to do it, set aside from hand tools and elbow grease. If you don't have a router, have a professional do it. Other wise, it will look like crap.
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You could use the Drill & Chisel method where you go along the whole outline of where the humbucker would be and then use a chisel to clear all wood inside the drilled outline. I would only do this if you are going to use a pickguard because it would take many hours of fileing and sanding to get it clean looking.
yeah, find a friend who's dad owns a workshop or go to a school woodshop class or something
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