Im looking for a multi effects pedal to get effects like delay, tremolo, and a phaser. I like all the ways these effects sound and Im wondering what would be the best way to get them. Should I get a multi effects processor or should I just buy separate pedals for each of the effects? Or are there any pedals that I could get with tremolo and phase and I could just buy a delay pedal? What would be my best bet? Im a guitarist on a budget so what would be the best thing for me?
If you're really on a budget and don't mind picking up the soldering iron, check out BYOC. You can get the parts list from their build guides and source the parts yourself. You can easily build 3 or 4 of their effects for under $150 if you source the parts wisely.
multi effects are nice, but at the end they never sound like the real thing. it just depends how serious u are about your tone. those multi effects gadgets may sound good to u now, but a few years down the road, with more experience and a better ear you may be wanting to upgrade to the real thing. so do u buy the multi effects now, or save a little longer and get nice sounding stuff?
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alright, the first and second reply is BS. he only said what the pedal can do not how it sounds like.

what is our budget? if you really want to go to single peds then go for it. well it really depends on your budget.

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i have recently just had to make this desistion, i went with the single pedals. much better.
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