i got a nintendo wii today. i was wondering how it is possible to connect it to the internet as i can't find the usual internet connector for a normal lead

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it's wireless isn't it?

actually nevermind that, it's broken. i'll take it off your hands.
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yes, it's wireless you need a router.

decent one can cost around 45 pounds

it's a bit of money but HEY you got enough to buy a Wii!
Right you should be able to connect to your own wireless internet concetion if its in range.

IF not you can buy a nintendo wi-fi usb port type thing that goes into your pc and sends the wi-fi signal out to ds's and wii's so they can be connected to the internet.

They dont cost that much. I've got one you can buy of me if you want. Id just need to find the instalation disk that i lost =P
congrats on buying the wii dude!

but yeah these guys know there stuff, if uve gt like bt wireless home hub thing i think u do it wirelessly otherwise it beats me.
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