two of my favorite bands are Tool and Coheed and Cambria but i just cant put them in a genre..i would say Tool kind of sounds like grundge or underground metal? idk and Coheed is like some kind of melodic metal i guess..idk
Btw i couldnt find any other thread to ask this so dont get to pissed off at me but im 14, been playing guitar for about 2 weeks and does anyone have any tabs to any simple easy songs, im getting bored playing 46+2 and aerials (soad)..
Tool is progressive metal in my opinion. Coheed to me seems like hard rock more than metal.
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tool is metal, coheed is not metal...but like idk lol
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Tool are progressive rock.
Coheed & Cambria are progressive pop-rock.

Nothing metal about either of them.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I personally say Tool are prog metal, but dunc above is a far bigger fan then me..
Coheed are prog rock imo
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neither of these bands belong in the hardcore forum, there is nothing about either of them that is hardcore.
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neither of these bands belong in the hardcore forum, there is nothing about either of them that is hardcore.

psh, when i think of hardcore the first thing that pops in my head is coheed's girly scream.
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yea i was thinking coheed was prog rock but then i've heard about..25-30 of their songs a nd they do sound like some kind of metal..but they kinda sound like pop too and Tool i would agree with prog metal definetely, thanks.