We are two guys, Luis and John, looking for a band to play alternative metal in the South Bay/Los Angeles area of Southern California. I, Luis, play lead guitar and John is the bassist, and we have been playing our instruments for almost 5 years. We are looking to add a drummer, vocalist, and keyboardist. Some of our influences include: Metallica, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Rush, Tool, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Evanescence, Pearl Jam, and Chevelle.

We want to create original music as well as cover songs to record some CDs and play live shows.

The keyboardist must be able to play a diverse range of styles and be able to harmonize with the guitar in the style of Children of Bodom.

The drummer must be able to play double-bass pedals and a diverse range of beats.

The vocalist must be able to sing well and produce clean vocals. If you can play rhythm guitar too that would be great but it's not mandatory.

We are looking for people around the ages of 17 and 20 who don’t smoke, drink, or take other drugs. We want people who are relaxed and chill but also dedicated and willing to work hard.

Please comment if you're interested, if you know anyone that's interested, or have any questions. You can also send me a message on myspace. The link to my page is at the bottom of my sig.
i can play the guitar and i would like to sing and join a band. i just haven't had the opportunity to find guys around my area with the same interests i have. if you like metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, judas priest, arch enemy, children of bodom, and similar artists, then we could work something out. i prefer clean vocals (rob halford, bruce dickinson, dave mustaine) but i can try to be diverse on the vocals. The only problem is that im 21yrs old.
sounds cool...it doesn't matter if you're 21...i just put that age range so we don't get anyone who's like 30 or so...i'm 17 and my bass player is 18

i'll talk to my bass player and see what he thinks...i'll get back to you sometime tomorrow but you definately seem like the kind of guy we're looking for