This way I wouldn't need to downtune for my band and tune back to regular for lessons.
I don't think it's that long to tune down.
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No way. Start with a six string and maybe purchase a second seven-string guitar for your band.
Hmm, I don't see anything wrong with doing that. Might be a bit strange switching to regular 6 string.
It's probably smarter to start with a six-string. And tuning takes a minute at most if you know how to do it. Maybe get a chromatic tuner to make things a little easier.
yea i think u should start with a 6 string. it will kinda mess u up and all. also there rather expensive. if ur just starting out i recommend a 6 string but like its up 2 u
why would starting with a 7 string be bad?

you're still learning the mechanics and the right techniques.

I don't particularly see why you shouldn't. the wide neck will make it even harder to get used than a 6 string but once you master it you'll be just fine.

you'll be learning the same things you'll just have an extra string and a bit of a wider neck so it wont necessarily put you at a disadvantage.
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Thanks for the fast replies! I have yet to buy my first guitar, I have no experience either. I'm gonna lend a RG (6-string in open C) from a friend first. After that, I will try some others at the shop, including 7-strings.

I think downtuning has its own shortcomings. I quite have my eye on the Ibanez S-series: they have ZR tremolo: downtuning with trems suck right? Also, notes change place on the fretboard and I would freak out if this happened on my synth/piano (note->place memory is important). I think I'd prefer to mute the lowest string when necessary. Also I'd rather have 1 do-it-all than 2 guitars; both options are as expensive.
I think the real question here is, why do you have a band before you can play guitar. Learn guitar, play for a while, get good, then start a band. Not start a band then play guitar.
I play ze synths, program the drums, do production/mixing. I got quite a lot experience with all of that. With guitar, not so much. But I want to invent more of the riffs and with playing out the guitar should be more fun than hide behind a rack of synths.
Go with the six, that way at impromptu jamming session you won't get confused to hell when you pick up a 'normal' guitar
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