This is quite simple. Tell us of a song and then tell us what you think it means. I'll start it off.

Ozzy Osbourne- I Just Want You

I conveyed it as "Anything is possible, but I dont want anything, I just want you.

Now please children, no putting down other peoples musical tastes and if you think someones meaning is wrong just simply post the song name and meaning without putting down another persons veiw on the song, what a song means to a musician cant be very tender and can songs can mean alot of things so try to keep an open mind and closed mouth in this thread, unless you intend to give constructive critisism, keep you quiet.

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Dio - We Rock.

Nothing much to this song. Dio's simply saying he, Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, and Vinny Appice rock. A lot.
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"The Dark Trail" by The Fall of Troy
Two of Thomas' friends overdosed before he wrote this song. He wrote it after them, and how much drug abuse can mess you up:
"Take your clothes outside and mess me up tonight"
How people can't wait to do them:
"Sleeping all day cuz you know you can't escape the night, I dont have anything better to do than you; Higher, Higher than i could ever get again in my life, cuz i dont desire anything but you"
At the end, you'll notice a soft type break down part. I interpret that as the person doing drug's realizes what they've done, and either break away from it, or die.

I doubt not many people know what song this is anyway
If anyone knows this song, I salute you
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Eternal Life- Jeff Buckley

It's his rant against the people who send others to death in wars, and against people living in inhumane conditions and general avarice. He says so on the Live At Sin-e, so no arguing with me.
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Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis

The Meaning : "When your 16 all you want to do is play some music, drink alot, smoke alot and shag tons of women" - Noel Gallagher.

Imagine-John Lennon

A call for peace and fellowship between the people of the world.

A no brain-er if you have ever heard the song.
Duran Duran - Girls on film


'Nuff said.
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Anyways, I've seen all good people, by Yes, is about the game of Chess. Bet no one here knew that.

Roundabout is still a ****in' whirlpool, though. It could be a clock, though?

I'd say that the song with the most meaning that I've ever heard is probably either Wish You Were Here or All Dead, All Dead. Both beautiful and sad.
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Archers - Brand New

I think it's something to do with the government and/or the apocalypse.

[It is a clear message to anyone who supports the war in Iraq and the Bush administration. "You are bringing on the end, you do so well. You can only blame yourself."]

-Songmeanings.net by jfk
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Cannibal Corpse-Stripped Raped And Strangled

A call for peace and fellowship between the people of the world.

A no brain-er if you have ever heard the song