I just brought a brand new guitar 3 days ago and have read a few books and even the jamora series but i still cant work out what to do, my friends have no patience!!
do you mean you dont know how to play yet?

when i first started guitar i went to this website. it was really helpful and easy to understand. hope it can work the same for you.

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Learn to read tablature and chord diagrams, and start with some open chords:

   A   Am  C   D   Dm  E   Em  F   Fm  G

Learn some simple songs that use these, and some simple riffs. Then, learn how chords are made and other basic theory - there's a guide in Musicians Talk.

Also, many people start with the blues, so check out http://12bar.de/basics.php.
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If i was in your positon i would start learning my major scales. Like AbC#deF#G#. fgaBbcde and such. Use a program called fretpro if your on the pc alot to learn where all the notes are on the guitar or you can simply play along each string seperataly and learn the notes positions that way. Learn the Major scale patterns once you learn thesethingsbecome quite easy to undertstand. Most importantly learn some songs you enjoy.
I will shred in the end!!