For you Red Sox fans, what do you think about the acquistion of Eric Gagne?
I think it's a good pick up. But I think they should of traded Manny DelCarmen instead of Cason Gabbard because Cason has really came one as of late, but I think that Eric Gagne will do great here in Boston.

Ok so there's my take on it.

He just gave up our lead (with the help of Okajima) so im not to happy with him right now but i do think he will be a good player after he gets used to our club. (im trying to make excuses for him not having a hitless inning since he joined the sox)
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we lost tonights game because of him. Other then that i think he's a pretty good player, just in some kind of slump since we got him.
Off Topic: Anyone else going to the sox game tommorow night?
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i've been a sox fan since i was like, 11 years old, lol
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Cubs> Sox
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mr.joppy987 has the right idea.

I'm personally waiting for the Cubs to get back on a roll here.

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Cubs> Sox

This is a thread concerning the Red Sox. I'm assuming you though that of the White variety.