Hello fellow shred-ites:

If you're into Rush / Dream Theater / Kings X style instrumental music with some melodic shred thrown in, please have a listen to my album JRS - Loss for Words. This album garnered me a writeup in Guitar One Magazine.

Here are some links to excerpts from the album:

JRS - Loss for Words: King Lerxst * Mr. Negativity * Unearthly Ambition *Double Star * Dog Robot

JRS at: My Space

JRS at: CD Baby

JRS - Loss for Words at: Apple Itunes

Thanks for listening!


Quote by BewareOfDog
Excellent guitar work, production, ect. I take it this is just you playing? If so, and the drums are programmed, what program did you use? They sound great.

Yeah, I played all the stuff.

The drums are Sonivox MI Blue Jay Drums soundfont. To program them, I played the easier parts with a MIDI drum kit. The really hard parts (some of the fills) I sequenced by hand.

Thanks for checking out the tunes!