Aftr the summer holidays I'm about to enter my final year at high school, and afterwards I intend to go to college.

In my area the supposed best college (and indeed, considered one of the best in the country, is Greenhead College), however I've been sort of toying with the idea of going into Music College.

I hope for my future career to lead me into music, so obviously that'd help, but if it doesn't pan out, then I'd be pretty fucked, and in failing music, I'd like to take up something to do with journalism or acting, which music college wouldn't help out with much.

I have also not taken any Grade examinations and as far as I know, you have be at something like a Grade 5 to get in? And between now and then I literally wouldn't be able to because the examinations take place at select times during the year.

Has anyone here been to music college and if so, has it (drastically) helped them, and likewise, if you go to a standard college, do you feel that you've still benefited from that?
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i'm not 100% sure, but you need a certain grade in piano to get in i think, thas wat someone told me tho
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It depends. I haven't been to college, but I'm in the exact same situation as you. I plan on having a career as a professional musician. The way I look at it: I believe it's much easier to become successful as a classical musician than it is a Rock or Metal musician. I recommend perhaps a double major? I really wouldn't recommend attempting to become a professional musician for people who play Rock music, unless they're planning on giving lessons at a guitar shop. The odds are highly unlikely to become successful. Then again, I haven't thought about being a session musician. I'm interested in replies, for I myself am a bit naive in this subject.
Quote by ChaoticVengence
i'm not 100% sure, but you need a certain grade in piano to get in i think, thas wat someone told me tho

Yeah...And I can imagine they'd be quite classically inclined these music colleges.

To The Madcap: True about the unlikelihood, but if no-one tried, then there would be no successful guitarists out there
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i know someone who went to berklee. but now hes at my community college, i think in pre-med, and working at an animal hospital since music didnt work out. i was thinking about doing music as a minor though once i get back to the university
I've considered going to musical college myself, but that stuff is too expensive. I've got 5,000 saved, I'll get about 4,500 from the state, and I'm still 40-50 thousand short.

While we're on the subject, does anyone know how difficult it is to make it as a composer and what you have to do to become one?
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I used to be a music major.

It's really hard. Really, really hard.

Most people in college take between 10 and 15 credits of class, with about 5 classes. I had 20 credits my first semester and 19 my second, taking 10 classes each time. Music majors have to take more classes than other majors because their classes are for less credit than most other classes, and that doesn't include practicing on your own (which you're expected to do for 3 hours a day aside from your ensemble rehearsals and lessons and such). You have to learn a lot of theory and a lot of history. You have to learn how to sing and play piano (at least at my school). You have to be really incredibly dedicated to your instrument. You have to consent to not really having a social life (you'll be too busy practicing anyway).

Then after all that, the chances of successfully getting a job are incredibly small. I heard about a guy who took 40 auditions before he finally landed one, and there are people out there who take longer than that, or never get a job as a musician at all.

I didn't like it. It turned playing my instrument into something I had to do instead of something that I wanted to do. I left the music school and now I'm majoring in something else.