My poor bass has received some scratches in the finish but not too major. I was wondering if there was something that can restore the finish or make the scratches less noticeable. THX
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I personally think that scratches are good and add character to a bass. Dinging your bass is part of growing up, you feel all that anger, then you get over it. Apply this to many things cause next time it wont matter!

You could use car scratch cover up or sand it out or polish it out.

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Someone covered this in the Gear building and customizing thread a while back so you may want to search there.

But I have to concur with Jonnomainman; dents and scratches are a badge of honor and show you actually play your bass. Hell, Fender is now selling signatures basses and guitars pre-stressed! And for every nick, scratch and chip there is always a great, but albeit sometimes painful story to tell.
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And for every nick, scratch and chip there is always a great, but albeit sometimes painful story to tell.

Except me, who has a few nice gouges and nicks on the bottom of my A6, which shouldn't be there since its on a stand 99% of the time.

Confusing, eh?

Regardless, all of my basses are hardly pristine. It shows they've been played, they're not damaged beyond being played, they're just showing character.

Besides, I got over the damage on my A6 when some bugger knocked the stand over onstage and sent it plummeting string-side first into the stage.
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some decent guitar polish will hide light scratches. if you have a bright color, or solid black finish, matching nail polish will cover, if the nick shows wood. most players, including myself, consider them battle scars. we wear them proudly. bass on!
if you think a couple scratches are bad, check out this:http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_fender_jaco_pastorius_relic_jazz_bass?full_sku=103868410
that is 3000+, and it looks like someone used it to knock down a house.
don't worry, you have the 'hardrocker153 signature bass'
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lol damn fender its just a scheme to sell all their American model basses that fell off the truck. Assholes
How about "The Origanl Lense Doctor" for filling in scratches and imperfections. Ive never used it though so dont try it . Scratches are suppose to happen, its pretty much impossible to not have them.