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What do you think is the easiest solo for a beginner to work on? Beginner as in only playing really for a month.
I'd work on major/minor/blue scales, scale patterns, chord progressions, etc. Jumping into a solo the first month probably isn't the best idea

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Oh dont worry, im primarily focusing on those. But I just want an easy solo to practice my picking and fingers on.
trilogy suite.
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smells like teen spirit? =p

or learn about scales and junk and start making your own! =D
learn the first minute or so of fade to black. i learned it at about 2 months, not that crazy but it sounds and looks pretty cool. while youre at it, learn the rest of the song, its pretty basic all the way through
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Learn some RHCP songs from Californication ! Thats great beginner stuff!
teen spirit, fade to black, layla unplugged, bohemian phadsody, and also knocking on heavens door.
+1 on fade to black, but the little arpeggio dealy at the beginning was kind of hard for me at first. that song owns
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trilogy suite.

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are.

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I just found one of the easiest solos in my tab book, Police Truck by Dead Kennedys. All it is is alternate picking really.
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Dammit - blink-182
classic song to learn on
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Speed Kills by MA Batio is fairly simple... not.

Check out some blues stuff, it gives you a good idea of whats going on, their lead's are short and simple.

Look into B.B. King, Clapton, SRV.
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pachelbel's canon.

you're welcome.

That song is the epitomy of sterotypical youtube wankerness.

In all honesty, if you've only been playing a month or two, you should really be focusing on your rhythm work, sure, lead stuff is fun but, it is so much harder to play lead if you are a weak rhythm player. So much of lead playing is based on phrasing (how you feel you should glide through a passage, as in time spent for each note and how selective the notes are). If you have little experience with keeping in good time than your soloing is going to sound sloppy.

If you must play a solo, keep it very simple, in fact, I'd recommend non musical exercises for a few months on top of disciplined rhythm playing. Music theory is great stuff too!
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Californication definitly! took me less than a day to learn the first time i picked up a guitar!
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Can't Stop by the Chilis, easier than Californication

Past Recedes - John Frusciante
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ac/dc, nirvana, green day (if youre into that sort of thing...)
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That song is the epitomy of sterotypical youtube wankerness.

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May I quote you in my sig? That was great

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one of the first solos i really got a hang of is the offspring the kids aren't alright, another one i learned was you shook me all night long
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