Hi guys; as you can see I just signed up for this site (probably doesn't bode well for my sale prospects I guess), but I've run into some financial difficulties and need to get some cash pretty quick and I definitely don't want to take this stuff to guitar center or a pawn shop and get nothing for it... I do have some feedback on ebay, same user name, aeronautica86, and a feedback thread at a paintball forum I frequent: http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?p=20870236.

The best way to get ahold of me for questions/offers etc will probably be by email, james.regmund "at" gmail.com, as I have alot of other FS ads to monitor that I just put up today.

Anyways, I've got an Ampeg B-25 amp, this is one sweet sounding tube amp, classic ampeg sound. This amp puts out 55 watts of amazing tube power, great for recording or jamming. This unit is in good condition and works great, tubes have low hours. Price is $300 + shipping/PP fees.

I also have a Spector Legend 4 Bass with some GHS flatwounds that I just put on. Price for the guitar also be $300 + shipping/PP fees. The guitar has two ~1" scratches on the front, and some marks on the back from playing, but otherwise is in great condition.

I need to sell these quick (unless all the other stuff I have for sale sells first - if you are interested in some nice car audio, home audio, paintball, even a bottle of 1999 Louis Roederer Cristal champagne, let me know )

Here are the pics I have of the Ampeg. I don't have pics of my Spector as my digi cam crapped out, but I'll put up a pic of one of the same color to give yall an idea.

real pics of the bass?
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I don't have any pics of the bass, but how about this, I'm actually coming up to Ft worth tonight to go to some doctors appointments tomorrow and thursday. How about I bring the bass and we can meet up somewhere tomorrow if you are really interested in it. I can also bring the amp or anything else I have for sale if you or anyone else in DFW is interested.