Okay, I know Ive already posted one like this before, but this is the last one, I promise. My band has been together for over 4 years under the name Graven-Suicide, and to be honest, we have gone no where except around our small town and some towns near by. Everybody says that they love our music at shows, but then, we never see any of that love and support else were(like sites and stuff). So we have come to the conclusion that our name doesnt help us, nor discribe us. We are a metal/punk band, and Graven-Suicide says "Death-Metal". Another downer is taht we have lost our singer. He left last year and we still havnt found a replacment, but we wont quit over that. So, anyway, we want a name that everybody likes and can remember so that people know us out side of the "Bar".

So, just vote on what name you think is best:

***Band Names****

-Infected Shadows


-Lockbox Oath

-The Bloody Witness

-Midwinter Sins

-Once Removed

-The Violent Cure


-Broken Glass




Bangover is a word we made up, it means:

Bangoever: pain/aching next day after a night of serious headbanging at the show

and thats what we like our fans to do, and thats also how get got the very plain/unorignal name Headbang, but we like that one too.

thanks for the help.

EDIT: it was suppose to be a poll, but i ****ed up, and then i tried to fix it and it said it duplicated itself, oh well..this will do.
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