i need some help on how to tune my guitar down to a D tuning. or 1 step, what the hells a step. im going on 6 months of playin and i just need some clarification about it.
newb man? lol i didnt know wtf a step was when i first started off too, i think everybody had the same problem... Anyways, a step down is like what it sounds, the next letter in the musical alphabet down... Ex.) standard tuning EADGBE tuned down a step would be DGCFAD or D-tuning, Make sense at all? hope it helps
a step is two frets, which is USUALLY a letter note down, but say you're on a C note, you only go a half step to get to B. a half step would be one fret down. if you want Drop D Tuning, just tune the low E string down 2 frets, so that when you're done, the 7th fret matches the pitch of the open A string (normally the 5th fret would match the open A string. if you want D Standard Tuning, tune all the strings down a step.

EDIT: alright so you want DGCFAD, that would be D standard. tune everything down a step.
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