hey guys, i got a question about pick holding. when i play rhythm, i hold my pick a little different from when i play lead, and i was wondering if there was a way anyone knows about that's pretty solid for both.

when i play R, i put the knuckle of my thumb on the middle of the pick, where the grain is, and then i put the tip of my thumb there when i play lead, and trying to switch takes too long and it's awkward. and then half the time i drop my pick trying to switch from lead to R and my fingers and stuff get in the way when i try to go the other way.

any ideas? or do i just need to suck it up until it works with one hold or the other?

oh, and how do i put an avatar or signature on here?
to answer your pick question, you just play until you get used to sliding your pick around, im the same way, and when I play rhythym, sometimes i hold my pick a lil different than i would otherwise, you just kind of get used to movin it around, itll come in time.

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