I have played several gigs throughout California and always entertain the crowd by doing some moves or stage antics. I thought it'd be cool for people to share some moves they've done on stage. I've done the Chuck Berry "Duck Walk" several timesas well as play on the ground spinning myself. Let's hear what you got.
the bitch toss is always a winner if you can do it right. (if you dont know it google it)
also jumping off of large objects works.
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its metal/electronica
climb up on top of the amps then jump off, playing a solo in mid-air.
hmm, i find crowd surfing/solo playing simoultaneaously is a crowd pleaser. as well as the playin with your teeth/tongue, and behind your head, though, since ive bought an explorer, its shape doesnt lend itself well to behind the head stuff.

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Thats noise violation in a box!
Windmills are always a bit fun. Dont over do them tho.
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The most I do is stare down the audience like Adam Jones.
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Well, I have twice done guitar spins with my Explorer.

Never again. I didn't drop it, it just almost spun ME.
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If we play metal (which isn't to common) I'm usually all over the stage head banging... or running into my bassist lol. We start a mosh up on the stage.