well, today i went to the local music shp to go and pick up some ernie ball flatwounds, easy enough right?
well, first off, it takes the guy twenty minutes of looking at one shelf to decide they have no ernie balls, but and the only flatwounds they had were some dean markleys, and i was fine with that, so i said ill take 'em, and i was on my way home.
i get home, put on the E and A, and all is well, however once igot to the D and opened up the pakcage, i see taht it is a Roundwound, string. now, this is very fifficult, because i live on the other side of town from said music shop. But anyway, we call the store and they say they will replace the mismatched string, so i say alright. my mother goes to pick up the string, and when shew arrives back home, not only is the string not the same brand(im not sure what it was, but it was definatly lower in quality), it was also an A string. I am now furious, and my mother will not driver me back out to the store to try and get the proper string. So once again we call and tell them of this problem, and the say theyll see what they can do.
A short while ago we recieved a call from the store manager sayin that the have a set of Fender flatwounds they picked up for me, and i would be getting them wothout paying the difference, and im gonna go pikc them up tomorrow or the day after. So I guess that will be good, but I dont know exactly how good fender strings are being as that i have never used them.

So long story short, fender flatwounds, yay or nay?
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man, why the hell didnt you ask that first, then i wouldnt have read your life story
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sorry but i have little bass knowledge, i cant even comprehend why you cant strum it. but whats the diffrence between flat and round, advantages disadvantages ect. is it like this 0-round
(_) flat? ive found fenders to be good
ok, well, to be as simple as possible, roundounds, your more common strings, ridges all along the string. they pretty much like guitar strings.

flatwounds are typically used on fretlesses and are smooth all along the string
I got bored of my old sig