Whats up Friends?

Every year here in Dayton Ohio our local rock station has a festival called XFest. Just want your opinion on the lineup.....and maybe to see how your local rock festival compares. We have three local bands opening up, but Im sure you dont care about those so on with the lineup....

Fair to Midland

Sick Puppies


Finger Eleven

Sum 41


Breaking Benjamin


3 Days Grace


This concert will take place Sunday September 16 and is only $25 per ticket.
Just something to chew on drop a line and let me know what you think......Personally last years lineup was better I think...
i would go for the last 4, the rest are good though
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I wouldn't go but if I was forced it would be ok to see 3 Days Grace.
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i wouldnt go. Sum 41 is the only one of those that i kind of like.

actually, i would maybe pay the $25 and just go when Sum 41 played.
I don't really care for any of them but if it was nearby for $25 bones I'd go. Chevelle's OK. I've already seen them twice unintentionally and Breaking Benjamin once.

And I never really like Sum 41 either but when I was younger they were fun.
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Maybe for Sick Puppies. But probably not. What was last years line up?
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last years lineup was

18 Visions
Black Stone Cherry
Bullet for my Valentine
Avenged Sevenfold
3 Days Grace
Wow, another person on here from Dayton, Ohio. I just graduated from UD, and in four years there I never went to XFest a single time....maybe I should try to make it this year, at least for Chevelle.
i dont like sum 41, but the rest looks really cool. Definately worth 25 bucks.

I know a guy who played 2nd stage at x fest back in '94, but that might have been a different x fest...