Korn actually made it so that you can hear the bass very easily in every song, haha. The last album only had like two songs were you could tell there was any bass, and now their new one, I was able to hear the bass in every song. And by the way, I'm think Fieldy has matured in his playing a whole lot since the old days.

So, for those who won't flame or what not, what song would you say Fieldy did the best on out of Korn's first 7 albums?

I personally would have to say Freak On A Leash or No One's There are my two favorites for the bass work.
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sorry dude this is the wrong forum. however, since i like korn and we're talking bass. right now is one of my fav's that's not current
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I didn't even think he played the bass! Thought he just kinda slapped the really low-tuned strings to the rhythm of the song! I like Korn, they're one of my faves actually, but I'm a bass player and Fieldy ain't even close to being one of my favorite bassists. How about a thread on Rex from Pantera? Now that could use some discussion!
actually thinking about it korn really just uses bass as a 2ndary precusion instrument
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Some of Korn's older stuff had decent bass. Seed off of "Follow the Leader" has decent bass, as does freak on a leash. I didn't think the new album had bass that stood out more than their old stuff, but definitely more than See you on the other side.

still doesn't mean I like his technique one bit
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I'd say the exact opposite: I can't hear the bass on any of the songs! Well maybe if you call the clanking sound the bass (although that could be the kick drum). But the album is so horribly overproduced that I can't honestly tell if that's Fieldy playing or some weird ass FX background noise.

As Drmckool said, Fieldy's bass is pretty much just a second percussion instrument. But I can say Freak On A Leas and Did My Time have a pretty good groove going on.