Alright, I'm looking for a new guitar, seeing as to how I've been playing for close to 5 years now and I'm playing a $150 Epiphone Les Paul Special II.

I'm looking for a good guitar for mainly metal, seeing as to how I have a Strat copy with some decent pickups for cleans that I like and can do my Classic Rock and stuff on that.

So, I have been looking at different things, thinking about a Gibson Explorer, but that was a little expensive and wasn't as good for metal as other guitars.

The one I have been looking into the most is this:

Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos

Do you think it's worth the money, and if you have a better suggestion, that would be awesome.
i like it...
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I've heard you have to screw another knob to place your strap on, because it's so neck heavy it falls. I'm pretty sure you can find much better if your willing to pay that much though
I haven't heard anything about the neck being heavy, its a standard Ibanez 24 fret.

All the reviews I have read have said the only complaint is that if theres a problem you have to unscrew a lot of stuff to get to the inside of it, but thats not really a problem.

I'm 15, so I can't get a real job yet, just paperboy and babysitting and crap like that, so I just wanted some advice before I went and spend $700 dollars.

I actually plan on buying one myself. From what I've heard and videos I've seen it's more than worth the money, although I have heard some complaints, almost 99% of them revolving around the Edge III trem system.

But anyway, yea, I plan to buy one, so I'd say check it out more, but I don't think you'll be dissappointed with what you hear about it.
Yeah, man.

I plan on going to guitar center soon to see if they have any in stock I can mess around with.

I know people say the Edge III isn't as good as the Floyd Rose bridge it was ripped off of, but I don't think I would mind that, seeing as to how I have never had a Floyd Rose bridge guitar, This will be a step up from a crappy strat copy and an Epi LP SII.

And if the trem pisses me off, I can save up and buy a new bridge, though it might be a pain to install.
The bridge swap won't be too hard, and it will only set you back about $150-180, so for the time being (if you choose the get it) the Edge III will suit you fine. I'd say go for it.
the bridge is a bit not so good, maybe try having a look at jackson warrior? some have ofr, but its stilll a good gutiar
ive played the guitar a couple of times. nice pickups, really slim neck, has a nice sound to it.
Absolutely worth. Everything is perfect, except the trem (it will work for some years if correctly set up), and then, you can save up for a better trem (I'd get the Lo-Pro Edge, even if it requires a bit of routing). And well, also the rear strap button; if placed next to the jack input, you'll have the ultimate metal machine

(I'm also getting one when I have the money, lol)
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