the DiMarzio website seems to focus on bridge position only, giving very little info on what works good in the neck what, do most shredders use the bridge position for leads? doesn't sound like it.

what high power humbucker models would work good for the neck position with leads? my favorites are john petrucci, racer X, dragonforce (shut up), the human abstract, and necrophagist. but mostly racer x and THA. i didn't say paul gilbert because i prefer his tone back in the day with racer x.

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Check out the Paf Pro, Air Norton and Breed Neck. They have different sounds, but are all good neck pickups.

Petrucci use the Norton, Gilbert (most of the time?) use the Paf Pro, Dragonforce (at least Herman, maybe Sam too) use the Evolution neck and Muhammed the D-activator neck.
Paul Gilbert's Racer X setup was two Supper Distortions wired in parallel to lower the output...however that's mainly down to the fact that the Super Distortion was about the only pickup Dimarzio made at the time!

The Paf Pro is the shredders "old faithful", that's pretty much what all the Dimarzio endorsees used before they got their signature models. The Evolution is out and out shred, but they're extremely clear and sensitive so if you don't have the chops it'll show, also it's kind of trebly and a bit lacking in warmth...obviously that's not an issue with shred stuff though. The Air Norton is pretty much the opposite, it's got bassy, compressed tone with chopped treble. It can sound nice, but it can also sound like there's a blanket over your amp, I reckon it really needs 1 meg pots to sound its best. Still very much a shred-orientated pickup though. The Breed is a more versatile animal, very warm and fat sounding...much more so than the Air Norton in fact. However, it doesn't suffer from the same mud problems because it's tone is a little more "open" and Paf like, still very powerful though. You can shred on it, but it's good for other stuff too, it's the one to go for if you like a more organic sound.

If you like Gilberts Racer X tone then the Super 2 is also an option, it's kind of the neck version of the Super Distortion...if you aren't bothered about pristine cleans then it's definitely an option.
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