For the song Whitewash by Buckethead, is it fingerpicked? because there are some section that have notes played at the same time, but they're not adjacent strings, like the note b played on both of the e strings
Either fingerpicked or hybrid picked, my best guess due to it being Buckethead is fingerpicked, that's his style (I believe, sorry if I'm wrong, not really a big Buckethead fan).
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What is hybrid picking? You mean picking with fingers and then switching to a pick?

Hybrid picking is using your pick and fingers at the same time. Like, playing your bassline with the pick and melody with fingers.

I think that that song is fingerpicked, but hybrid picking will work just as well. Beautiful song, by the way. Good taste.
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Yeah, buckethead plays it chicken picked I believe. I'm not sure if that's the right term, but he plays lots of songs with his fingers and pick at the same time.
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It's hybrid picked. Watched a video of him and he is hybrid picking.
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