So I'm in the market for a distortion pedal. So far I'm looking into a Seymour Duncan Lava Box and a VOX Cooltron Bulldog distortion pedal. I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with these and what you thank of them.


You could suggest another distortion pedal, I mainly play straight up rock. I just want a "medium" distortion with really good tone.



Seymour Duncan
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Boss Ds-2

that looks pretty cool, versatile at least, do you know anything about it's sound?
Its great for crunchy rock tone.. it's very transparent. I do prefer it in front of one of my gain channels.. on my clean channel it sounds a bit harsh. On my Vox Pathfinder it sounded good with clean though so it depends more on the amp I guess.
The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

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i'll put in on my pedalboard and that will go into a system...like at a church, how would it sound ther
I have a DS-2 and I have to say fairly good pedal but after 1 - 2 years it's sort of lost it's touch a bit and it's more of a natural half gain sounding pedal now. But I also play at church and it works wonders there.