i dont noe if dis is the right section but most appropriate i found. so my tone knob was a bit lsoe so i opened the back and saw the pot was lose, everything was intact but the pot was lose (i.e. it was falling thought the hole the thing that turns will drop into the hole because its not stuk. wat should i use to fix it up without wrecking the gutiar? ill try to psot pics later

edit: there are no screws to hold the pot in place, wat im actually tryna ask: if there no screw or nothing wats being used to hodl my pot in palce superglue?

edit: should i be using superglue? if so how should i keep the pot in place while it dryes?

edit: ok now the glues on my paint now wat.? take it to a pro?how much would it cost me?
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meh I use superglue, but I dont think I should. Just hold it while it dries.

oh and watch your spelling ^
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OK CAHOS INBORN SINCE YOU JINXED IT, now the effing glue it one the bottom of my gutiar, where the knobs and stuff are, now den WHO HAS AN IDEA TO REMOVE THE SUPERGLUE, i have TRIRED MR SHEEN, SILICONE CREAM, WATER i wanna spit on it. nail remover would probably remove the paitn as well. wat about meth? would dat wreck the paint? wat sorta cloth? 100%cotton?

edit: how much would it cost me for a pro to fix it its just a little section
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Um, why did you get near your guitar with superglue in the first place?

Are you sure that it wasn't being held up by a thin-looking metal nut? Thats how pots are normally mounted, I think.
yea theres a nut but how do u put the nut on? i cant tiwst it with my fingers
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jees i noe im an eff head, but wat should i have used it was had to tighten so small
you are supposed to hold the back of the pot (in the guitar cavity) while tightening the nut at the base of the front of the pot stem. (use needle nose pliers or small wrench)

dream-thief. i would report ur bad post. but u added "i dont think i should" dont post unless u know what u are talking about.

thread starter. i would help u more, but i have no idea what ur asking above me.

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