Hey i have seen an original cream '72 fender stratocaster on sale for £1000. The paint work is scuffed and dented. Is the guitar worth it for that amount of money? and will it go up in value?
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If there isnt any serious damage (I dont mean cosmetically) such as bad fretwork, bad neck/broken neck. Then yes, I would say it probably is worth it, but then again if I remember correctly the 70's models are not as sought after as the 50/60....Nor worth the same amount. So....meh?
Yes the 70's models are not as desirable as 50s/60s, but it could be a good investment for the future your unlikely to find one cheaper. Plus you got to love cream strats
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Yeah that's about normal price like 2-3000 US for a early 70s Strat. If it's in pretty good condition it will go up in value but if it's pretty crappy it will just hold its value. Collectors are only after excellent-mint condition guitars. 'Players' guitars usually just hold their value or maybe go up a tiny bit depending on how well you look after it whilst you have it.

Really a guitar is only a good investment if it is 100% original and in 90%+ condition.