I'm having real trouble with barre chords. I'm just teaching myself, and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of how to play them.

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry my friend its just practice and strengthening your index finger.
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Just keep trying, they'll be tough at first but eventually your fingers will get stronger.
First of all, lower action is better for barre chords. If you have a cheap guitar with an adjustable bridge (I know from experience), lower that action.

Second, 5 string barre chords are easier than all 6, so practice those first.

Third, try to get the index finger as close to the fret as possible, without muting the strings.

Also, the more you do it, the stronger your hand will get and you might also start to get some callouses all the way across your index finger, which helps.

And one more thing, make sure your thumb on your fretting hand is in the proper position so you can get a good grip. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of people overdemonstrating the "proper" hand placement on the guitar. I usually don't follow that rule, but with barre chords, it's very important.
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Practice them around the 7th fret where fretting is easier - the two hardest barre chords are the F and Bb at the first fret.
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Twist your finger slightly upwards (towards the neck) so that it's the side of the finger that's pushing the strings rather than the "palm". It'll work better if you have some bones doing the barre, not just the flesh.
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So I kinda use more the side of my finger to fret it?
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